Mehdi Rezania 
Composer, Santur Player, Educator & Producer


1977    Born in IRAN in the city of  

            Abadeh, Fars

1990    Started learning santur

1998    Migration to Canada

2001    Co-founding Simorgh Association

2004    Co-founding Baarbad Music

2010    Debut Santur Recital
            (touring Ontario & Montreal)

2011    Debut album “Salute to Sun”

2011    Music Director of

            Iranian Heritage Day

            at Royal Ontario Museum

2011    BA in Music from York University

2012    Founding Saba Music Series

2012    Winner of Grant by

            Ontario Art Council (project)
2012    Premiering compositions

            for Baarbad & Sinfonia Toronto

2013    MA in Music/Composition from

            York University

2013    Winner of Grant by

            Canada Art Council (compositions

2013    Published score in International

            Journal of Contemporary

            Composition (IJCC)

2014    Winner of Grant for album from    

            Toronto Art Council

2015    Winner of Grand for project

            “Gems of Radif” from Canada Art


Coming Events

Tirgan Festival

25-28 July, Toronto
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Rezania started learning santur at 13 in his hometown of Abadeh then later studied the advanced method of santur playing in Kamkars Music Academy in Tehran under the supervision of Ostad Ardavan Kamkar.

In 2004, he cofounded Baarbad Music with Toloe Roushenas.  Baarbad Ensemble is one of the most prolific Iranian-Canadian bands in Canada.

in 2007 he started studying music at York University.  He has leaned harmony and counterpoint under professor Art Levine, composition under professors David Mott and Michael Coghlan, Balkan music under professor Irene Markoff, West African music under Kwasi Dunyo and Anna Malnikoff and Arabic music under Bassam Shahouk.

He holds a BFA in music from York University and MA in music composition from York University where he studied with Michael Coghlan and David Mott. 

His debut album is “Salute to Sun” for solo santur released in 2011.

In 2012 he founded Saba Music Series; a series dedicated to artistic music of east from Balkan to Western China with focus on Central Asia.

He has received grants from Ontario Art Council in 2011 and Canada Art Council in 2012 for his compositions.

He is currently pursuing his doctoral program at University of Alberta.  His interest is in classical music of Iran in post-revolutionary Iran in practice, composition and performance, music in diaspora, analysis of music (contextual, phenomenological, paradigmatic) and music & philosophy.


Photo by: Shahrokh Saeedi